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Ted Pella, Inc. Acquires the Assets of LatticeGear, LLC.

June 28th, 2021: Lattice Gear, LLC announces that they have sold their product, manufacturing and associated assets to Ted Pella, Inc. Janet Teshima, the owner and cofounder of LatticeGear signed the agreement with Tom Pella, owner and president of Ted Pella, Inc., on June 23rd, 2021. LatticeGear, LLC will cease normal business operations on July 21st, at which time Ted Pella, Inc. will commence producing, selling and supporting the LatticeGear product line. .

Janet Teshima said, “I’ve enjoyed being part of a creative team, producing and selling a set of products that is unique in the world of cleaving for the Semiconductor market, as well for other applications. I’ve now found a company that will carry on in what we started, and wish them all the best”.

Tom Pella commented that, “We are honored that Janet Teshima has entrusted us with the ongoing production and sales of product from the LatticeGear portfolio. We feel that they complement several instruments and accessories we have that already serve Materials Science customers in general and the Semiconductor R&D / Failure Analysis / Photonics customers in particular. We shall continue the LatticeGear legacy of serving those market segments with innovative scribing and sample cleaving solutions.”

LatticeGear, LLC, based in Hillsboro, OR has served the needs of customers working in Semiconductors, Photonics and Materials Science since 2012.

Ted Pella, Inc. has served the needs of both the Life Science and Materials Science sample preparation for various microscopy communities for more than half a century.

Regarding this sale, please send inquiries for Ted Pella, Inc. to, and for LatticeGear, LLC to

What Are the Best Scribing Tool Types?

Top Scribing Tool Types

Every scribing task becomes easy and more likely to be successful when you pick the right scribing tool. While there are many scribing tools out there, scribers from LatticeGear continue to get five-star reviews from satisfied clients. We make our scribing tools with ease of use in mind. We also consider versatility, cost, and durability when producing scribing tools.

Read on to see some of the top scribing tools that expert professionals at LatticeGear have produced. If you don’t know how to use a wafer cleaving tool, you’ll find the basic steps here. You’ll also find five advantages of using the best scribing tool from LatticeGear.

Top Scribing Tool Types
Wafer Cleaving Tools At LatticeGear
Benefits Of Using The Best Scribing Tool From LatticeGear
  • LatticeGear’s scribing tools are super easy to use.
  • With a scribing tool from LatticeGear, your scribes are swift and clean.
  • Your samples hardly get damaged.
  • With our scribing tools, you can scribe almost everything.
  • Our scribing tools are affordable and durable.
LatticeGear Has You Covered. Call Us Today!

LatticeGear is an industry pacesetter. For almost a decade, we have continued to turn out tools that improve sample preparation workflows for various professionals, including engineers, technicians, and researchers. If you’d like to find the best scribing tool or to explore any aspect of sample preparation, call us now at 503-828-0040.

How to Know the Best General Scribing Tool?

For starters, it should have some basic qualities that set it apart. Whenever you require a general scriber, you should put it through the test to see if it meets the criteria we list out here.

While here, you’ll get to know some basic traits you should expect from the best general scribing tool. You’ll also find the benefits of a wafer cleaving tool from LatticeGear. To wrap up, we’ll show you how to maintain your scribing tools to achieve optimal performance.

Four Things You Should Expect From the Best General Scribing Tool
  • The best general scribing tool should be easy to use.
  • It should be fast and not damage your samples.
  • It should make straight scribes at every time of asking.
  • It should be able to scribe a wide variety of samples.
What Are The Benefits Of A Wafer Cleaving Tool From LatticeGear?
  • Wafer cleaving tools from LatticeGear are low-cost.
  • They’re easy to use.
  • They provide speed and accuracy.
  • They don’t have too many limitations in respect of sample type.
  • High-quality results are a hallmark of wafer cleaving tools from LatticeGear.
Scribing Tool Maintenance Tips
  • Always clean the scribing tool after use.
  • Keep your scriber away from liquids. Store in a dry spot.
  • Store your scribing tools where their tips won’t be damaged.
  • Sharpen or replace blunt scriber tips as soon as possible.
  • Your scriber should not be kept under a pile of other tools.
Why Is LatticeGear the Best?

LatticeGear is committed to getting you the best general scribing tool for your project or material. Our experts work with you on a project-by-project basis to ensure that you get the results you desire at every point. Call us now at 503-828-0040 to get the best general scribing tool.

What Are the Advantages of Benchtop Wafer Dicing Equipment?

Three Reasons Why You Need Benchtop Mechanical Wafer Dicing Equipment

If you’re into research and development (R&D), chances are you don’t need large numbers of wafers, you don’t want to spend too much money, and you want a piece of equipment that is easy to use.

Get to know why you need mechanical wafer dicing equipment. You’ll also learn a bit about the latest scribing tool making waves out there before meeting LatticeGear’s top-performing wafer cleaving tool types.

Why Do You Need a Mechanical Wafer Dicing Equipment?
  • Mechanical wafer dicing equipment is relatively inexpensive.
  • They are perfect for research and development purposes which ordinarily require a small batch of die.
  • Mechanical wafer dicing tools are easy to use.
  • They have a smaller footprint than laser dicing tools.
  • Operators require shorter training time as mechanical dicing tools are less complex compared to laser dicing equipment.
Top Wafer Cleaving Tool Types at Lattice Gear
  • LatticeAx 120:
    LatticeAx® 225

    This cost-effective cleaving tool is ideal where high-quality results are required, along with the ability to cleave many sample types without extra preparation.

  • LatticeAx 225: The LatticeAx 225 is easy to operate, produces precise and repeatable cleave, and it cleaves samples with sky-high accuracy due to the addition of high magnification imaging.
  • LatticeAx 420: If you desire LatticeGear’s top-performing cleaving solution, LatticeAx 420 is your tool. It is simple to use, processes samples quickly and cleaves many different materials and sample sizes. Also known to be efficient and has a small footprint.
Meet The Latest Scribing Tool!

FlexScribe, LatticeGear’s latest scribing tool, has gained popularity for being fast and easy to use. It also continues to receive accolades for always making a straight scribe. It can scribe different types of materials, including glass slides and other crystalline and brittle materials.

What Makes LatticeGear Different?

LatticeGear designs and manufactures affordable, benchtop mechanical wafer dicing equipment. Keep your R&D within your budget with our wafer dicing applications and tools. Call us now at 503-828-0040.

Why Choose The Best Scribing Tool For Your Business?

Tips To Help You Choose The Best Scribing Tool For Your Business

Whether you’re working on irregularly shaped samples, require more speed and accuracy, or have that unique piece that you can’t afford to ruin, you need the best available scribing tool. Your choice of tool will significantly affect the quality of your final product.

Want to know the top reasons why you should choose the best scribing tool for your business? Learn the advantages of obtaining a wafer cleaving tool from Lattice Gear as well the main benefits of using a modern scribing tool.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose The Best Scribing Tool

  • Your business depends on your work, and your work relies heavily on your tools.
  • No matter how much effort you put in, if you don’t use the right tools from the beginning of the project, your end product will be suspect.
  • You will struggle to achieve the perfect shape and cut if you don’t use the best scribing tools for your project.
  • When you have the right skills, choosing the best tools from the very beginning protects your investment.

What Are The Advantages Of A Wafer Cleaving Tool From LatticeGear?

  • LatticeGear wafer cleaving tools are the most efficient in the market. They save you money, time, as well as materials.
  • They are highly cost-effective.
  • Every cleaving tool from LatticeGear is of the best quality.
  • Our wafer cleaving tools are affordable.
  • They make cleaving and downsizing easy.

Four Benefits Of A Modern Scribing Tool

  • Modern scribing tools are faster to use.
  • They make the cleaving process easier.
  • Efficiency tends to be higher with a modern tool.
  • They allow for cleaner, straighter lines.

Get in touch with LatticeGear today.

At LatticeGear, you can get the best scribing tool for your business no matter your budget. Our team members are always available to guide you and answer your questions. Call us now at 503-828-0040 for efficient scribing tools.

How To Get The Best Wafer Dicing Equipment?

Four Types Of Wafer Dicing Equipment at LatticeGear

Are you in research and development (R&D) and hoping to get a small batch of die quickly? Then you need a clean, accurate, reputable, and fast tool; you need a benchtop tool.

We begin this article with a discussion of the types of wafer dicing equipment available at LatticeGear. We then move on to a brief description of two wafer cleaving tools. Finally, we give you three reasons why you need a scribing tool.

Types Of Wafer Dicing Equipment At LatticeGear

  • FlexScribe: This lets you downsize wafers quickly by scribing on the topside. It always makes a straight scribe and can be used to scribe a wide range of materials.
  • FlipScribe: FlipScribe is a compact, accurate, fast, and low-cost scribing and cleaving tool suitable for any lab. It scribes without any touch to the top of the sample.
  • LatticeAx: This cleaving tool works without excessive constraints in terms of sample dimensions and type, yields high-quality results, and is cost-effective. The LatticeAx 420 delivers a cleaving accuracy of 10-μm in under 5 minutes, making it perfect for labs that value speed and high accuracy while also needing to accommodate different sample sizes, thicknesses, and materials.
  • Carbide Cutter Cleaving Kit: The carbide cutter creates a clean scribe line with fewer particles in comparison to pointed diamond scribe. Allows substrate to split cleanly.

Find A Wafer Cleaving Tool

  • CleanBreak Pliers: These are for cleaving samples, post scribe, from whole wafers down to 20 mm pieces. The pliers come in two styles of jaws to cleave a wide variety of substances.
  • Small Sample Cleaving Pliers: The Small Sample Cleaving Pliers are unique and can cleave samples below 30 mm into smaller pieces.

Why Do You Need A Scribing Tool?

  • When you use a scribing tool, less physical cutting is required.
  • Using a scribing tool results in more clearance and less damage to the wafer.
  • A scribing tool makes it easier to achieve an accurate cleave.

Why choose LatticeGear?

At LatticeGear, we believe that sample preparation by cleaving and scribing should be easy, fast, and without the aid of expensive automated tools. Call us now at 503-828-0040 for the best wafer dicing equipment.

LatticeGear Offers New Sizes to Old Favorites

LatticeGear has recently added new sizes to two of its popular products: the FlexScribe™ Station and the CleanBreak™ Pliers.

LatticeGear now offers a FlexScribe300, a flatbed scriber that is large enough to work with 300 mm wafers. Like the original FlexScribe100, the FlexScribe300 includes a standard tungsten carbide cutting wheel for use with a variety of materials including silicon, glass, and GaAs. The optional diamond wheel for harder materials like sapphire and the deep cutting tungsten carbide wheel for thick materials, are also compatible with the FlexScribe300.

The new CleanBreak™ 8” pliers have longer handles and a wider opening. The larger size is effective for cleaving sapphire and glass down to 20 mm. Like the original CleanBreak™ pliers, the new size is made from lightweight, yet rugged plastic. The new size of pliers is included in our Carbide Cutter Cleaving Kit.

What is a General Scribing Tool?

Scribing tools have come a long way. With innovative technology aimed at automated precision it is now possible to achieve high accuracy in a matter of minutes with any engineering project or sample analysis. At LatticeGear our experts are dedicated to ensuring your scribing tool meets your needs. We go the extra mile to guide you in choosing the best tool for your business or research. Scribing tools are capable of safely marking materials such as silicon, III-V, sapphire and glass.

How scribing tools can help you improve work efficiency.

Modern scribing tools increase efficiency by allowing you to handle materials with more care and protection than ever before. There is no need for any guesswork or complicated pieces of machinery. Just call our friendly team or browse through our catalogue to determine the best piece of equipment for you.

How to find affordable prices for scribing tools that you can depend on?

While there are many brands, makes and models of scribing tools on the market you can never go wrong with LatticeGear. At LatticeGear it is our main priority to provide equipment that is efficient and effective while standing the test of time. We encourage creative and simple solutions to complex practices. Achieve perfect results with top quality equipment at LatticeGear today. Why not take advantage of our budget friendly equipment and improved efficiency by getting in touch with us today?

Give LatticeGear a call to find out more today.

Still having doubts? Our founding members are always ready to speak with you to answer all your specific questions. At LatticeGear our client satisfaction is our main priority in any product that we provide. Give us a call on 503-828-0040, to book an appointment with the team today or email with your questions.

Top Tips in Choosing the best Scribing Tool for your Business

The masters in scribing tool technology share their top tips in choosing the best scribing tool for your business.

With so many scribing tools to choose from it’s difficult to know what the best fit is for you. At LatticeGear we have a wide range of tools for different industries. Whether you are a scientist, researcher or technician, we have everything you need for creating samples or precision cutting. Previously the choice of scribing tools were manual hand based methods or huge expensive pieces of industrial equipment. Now LatticeGear has made it possible for everyone to access scribing tools no matter your budget.

Learn about the best scribing tools on the market.

We at LatticeGear understand that the materials you work with are precious and expensive. Mistakes can be costly causing disastrous delays in your research or projects. Get the best scribing tools you can rely on by trusting the experts at LatticeGear. We stock our flagship models including the Flipscribe 100 which allows for scribing without any damage or contamination to the top of the sample piece.

Improve accuracy and productivity by choosing the right scribing tool for you.

LatticeGear also has other innovative scribing tools such as front side scribing tools and complete scribing kits and accessories. With our wide range of available tools our experts are happy to help with any of your questions or queries.

Affordable scribing tools that you can trust with LatticeGear

Join the long list of happy clientele who are switching to LatticeGear everyday. With ease of use products, longstanding name in the industry and affordable quality scribing and cleaving tools it’s not hard to see why LatticeGear is a leading company in it’s industry. Still not sure? Give LatticeGear a call on 503-828-0040 for the best rates on high quality scribing tools in your area.

Get the latest in wafer Cleaving technology with cleanroom compatible Benchtop tools from LatticeGear

Looking for wafer cleaving tools for your electronic substrates? LatticeGear’s cutting edge technology brings you the best in wafer cleaving benchtop equipment so you can ensure the highest quality cut and the most professional product. Cleaving wafers by hand is inefficient and inaccurate. Wafer cleaving tools from LatticeGear make cleaving, downsizing, and singulating easy. LatticeGear’s wafer cleaving technology are suitable for cleanroom environments and are the most effective and cost efficient in the industry, saving you money, time, and material.

Make every wafer cut clear, clean, and precise.

Quality equipment makes wafer cleaving accurate, clean, and quick. Cleaving wafers with handheld tools can be difficult, time consuming, and leave you with uneven cuts and damaged or contaminated die. LatticeGear’s wafer cleaving technology is accurate, precise, clean, and fast, leaving you with the perfect cleave each time. This saves you material, time, money, and frustration.

Cleave your electronc substrates with confidence, no matter the substrate.

Wafer cleaving machinery designed and manufactured by LatticeGear can cleave a broad range of wafer substrates, crystalline and amorphous. Whether your integrated circuits are of silicon, glass, InP, GaAs or sapphire, LatticeGear cleaving tools can get the job done.

Choose the best wafer cleaving tool for your business.

LatticeGear offers wafer cleaving benchtop equipment for all your projects. The LatticeAx 420 allows you to downsize wafers and cleave small features with high accuracy. The LatticeAx 420 is equipped with a microscope and an XY stage for the most precise cleaving.

Get the best wafer cleaving tools in the industry for an affordable price from LatticeGear.

LatticeGear offers the industry leading technology in wafer cleaving, allowing you to accurately cleave with ease and speed. Wafer cleaving equipment at LatticeGear saves you money, time, material, and hassle at an affordable price and low cost of ownership. Give our team a call on 503-828-0040 to find out more today.