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Picking the Best Scribing Tools for Your Project

LatticeGear founder Janet Teshima is well aware that global markets are demanding smaller, faster and cheaper devices. Right in step with this trend, she focuses on developing innovative scribing and cleaving tools that speed up sample preparation. Innovative approach to state-of-the-art scribing tools Scribing is a high precision technique for creating deliberate weak points in […]

Precision Cleaving Tools Ensure the Same Results Every Time

Responding to seemingly insatiable consumer demands for smaller and more powerful devices, chip transistor density doubles every two years. Keeping pace with this drive to miniaturize components while increasing wafer size, LatticeGear specializes in state-of-the-art wafer cleaving tools and technology. Wide range of wafer cleaving tools ensures accuracy, every time A favored vendor accredited by […]

New Tungsten Scribers

New in 2021, LatticeGear has a line of Tungsten Carbide Cutters. These hand tools have 5” long handle and a tungsten carbide cutting wheel for creating an accurate and clean pre-cleave scribe on wafers, especially Glass or Silicon. For some material combinations, these cutters will create less damage and particle contamination than pointed tip diamond […]