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Get the latest in wafer Cleaving technology with cleanroom compatible Benchtop tools from LatticeGear

Looking for wafer cleaving tools for your electronic substrates? LatticeGear’s cutting edge technology brings you the best in wafer cleaving benchtop equipment so you can ensure the highest quality cut and the most professional product. Cleaving wafers by hand is inefficient and inaccurate. Wafer cleaving tools from LatticeGear make cleaving, downsizing, and singulating easy. LatticeGear’s wafer cleaving technology are suitable for cleanroom environments and are the most effective and cost efficient in the industry, saving you money, time, and material.

Make every wafer cut clear, clean, and precise.

Quality equipment makes wafer cleaving accurate, clean, and quick. Cleaving wafers with handheld tools can be difficult, time consuming, and leave you with uneven cuts and damaged or contaminated die. LatticeGear’s wafer cleaving technology is accurate, precise, clean, and fast, leaving you with the perfect cleave each time. This saves you material, time, money, and frustration.

Cleave your electronc substrates with confidence, no matter the substrate.

Wafer cleaving machinery designed and manufactured by LatticeGear can cleave a broad range of wafer substrates, crystalline and amorphous. Whether your integrated circuits are of silicon, glass, InP, GaAs or sapphire, LatticeGear cleaving tools can get the job done.

Choose the best wafer cleaving tool for your business.

LatticeGear offers wafer cleaving benchtop equipment for all your projects. The LatticeAx 420 allows you to downsize wafers and cleave small features with high accuracy. The LatticeAx 420 is equipped with a microscope and an XY stage for the most precise cleaving.

Get the best wafer cleaving tools in the industry for an affordable price from LatticeGear.

LatticeGear offers the industry leading technology in wafer cleaving, allowing you to accurately cleave with ease and speed. Wafer cleaving equipment at LatticeGear saves you money, time, material, and hassle at an affordable price and low cost of ownership. Give our team a call on 503-828-0040 to find out more today.

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