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New Carbide Cutters

New in 2021, LatticeGear has a line of Carbide Cutters. These hand tools have 5” long handle and a tungsten carbide cutting wheel for creating an accurate and clean pre-cleave scribe on wafers, especially Glass or Silicon. For some material combinations, these cutters will create less damage and particle contamination than pointed tip diamond scribers. The […]

DinoCapture Software Tips for LatticeAx 225 Users

Getting ready for online training I found some useful drawing tools I was not previously aware of. They include a cross-hair tool, cross-hair tool with reticule, and magnification calibrated measurement. Download the pdf using the link below. Let us know if you find these features useful too! Dinolite software for 225 Users    

Coming to ISTFA? Visit LatticeGear’s CleaveLandia Booth 819

We are expecting to learn the latest in failure analysis techniques and tools at #ISTFA. LatticeGear invites you to CleaveLandia where you can see the latest in scribing and cleaving. For fun we will be taking photos and have bags of gold for the first 100 participants!

LatticeGear Scribing and Cleaving Portfolio to Support Wafer and Sample Preparation of Photonic Materials at MIT

MIT’s Jaramillo group is integrating LatticeGear solutions into their wafer/sample preparation workflow for controlled, damage-free wafer downsizing that is critical to their device fabrication process. Hillsboro, OR; October 15, 2019.  The Jaramillo Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has adopted LatticeGear’s complete scribing and cleaving tool portfolio in support of their research on photonic […]

Yale Adds New Scribing and Cleaving Solutions to Downsize Wafers and Singulate Devices in the University Cleanroom

For Immediate Release   Dr. Yong Sun – Cleanroom Director Department of Applied Physics, Yale University Efrat Moyal, Co-Founder LatticeGear, LLC. Yale Adds New Scribing and Cleaving Solutions to Downsize Wafers and Singulate Devices in the University Cleanroom Implementing the full suite of LatticeGear solutions in the University Cleanroom allowed researchers to […]

Join MITnano for Tool Talks and Workshop with LatticeGear

CLEAVING TECHNOLOGIES TO DOWNSIZING, SINGULATING AND CROSS-SECTIONING SUBSTRATES Thursday, September 5, 2019 9:30am–10:30am 12-0168, MIT.nano (basement level), Building 12 60 Vassar Street (rear) Cambridge, MA Substrate downsizing, singulating and cross-sectioning is a common practice for process development, experiments and analysis. Cleaving is the most desired technology to use as it is the only dry, clean, room […]