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Choose Modern Wafer Dicing Equipment to Guarantee Convenience, Precision and Accuracy

LatticeGear gear has become the leading name in the wafer dicing industry with our novel and fresh approach to developing our own benchtop tools. Suitable for any laboratory or cleanroom, these tools are a far cry from it’s previous counterparts which consisted of large, expensive and cumbersome pieces of machinery.

Take advantage of the latest in wafer dicing machinery

If you’re looking for the most advanced technology in wafer dicing equipment then you’ve come to the right place. LatticeGear has developed a wide range of tools that will guarantee you the most powerful and precise cuts. The experts at LatticeGear fully understand that scribe angle, depth and the crystalline structure of the material play a major role in the accuracy of the cleave.

Scribing tools and wafer cleaving technology for premium precision at budget friendly prices

Are you looking for high quality, reliable and affordable scribing tools that won’t let you down when you need them the most? At LatticeGear we understand the importance of precision when it comes to creating specialized hardware, or scientific equipment. Choose from our wide range of scribing tools including Flexscribe, LatticeScriber and Carbide Cutters for quality you can trust. These tools are simple to use while guaranteeing you excellent results every time.

Why choose LatticeGear for your wafer dicing equipment, scribing tool and wafer cleaving?

LatticeGear had been in operation since its booming beginnings in 2012. The brilliant minds behind the business recognized a gap in the market that needed to be filled. No longer did scientists and researchers have to choose between manual hand operated tools or large expensive pieces of equipment to carry out their operations. Call the friendly team at LatticeGear on 503-828-0040 for all your queries and to book an appointment to find your perfect wafer cleaving and wafer dicing equipment today.

Tomorrow’s Miniaturized Devices Need High-Precision Scribing Tools Today

Well aware that the best scribing tools and wafer cleaving methods are steered by substrate hardness and thickness, LatticeGear founder Janet Teshima knows that cleave quality is heavily dependent on scribe angle and depth, as well as the underlying crystal structure.

That’s why LatticeGear’s sample preparation solutions focus on streamlining workflows while ensuring high levels of accuracy, particularly for unique samples where the risk of destruction is unacceptable.

Affordable scribing tools streamline accurate wafer cleaving and dicing processes

Prompted by the concept that preparing samples through scribing tools and wafer cleaving should be dry and clean, LatticeGear developed cost-effective technologies (like scribing and cleaving tools) that ensure fast and easy scribing and cleaving processes with no need for massive investments in specialized equipment.

Its flagship tools are:

  • LatticeAx series (120, 225 and 420): designed mainly for use in cleanrooms and nanofabs, these patented cleaving platforms ensure accurate, repeatable results;
  • FlipScribe 100: scribing on the back of a substrate is an effective scribing option, particularly for glass, sapphire and bonded wafers;
  • FlexScribe: designed for a variety of materials ranging from sapphire to silicon, this tungsten carbide cutter can also handle glass and III-V compounds;
  • LatticeScriber: its unique eight-point diamond tip ensures high accuracy for hand-scribed projects.

Special attention to one of a kind samples

Particularly when working with irregular or very small wafers, researchers, engineers and technicians need high precision and repeatable processes. Usually subject to tight schedules, speedy processing and rapid throughput are added advantages, but with no loss of accuracy or sample quality.

Creative solutions from LatticeGear

No matter how complex your project, LatticeGear can weave state-of-the-art cleaving and scribing tools into creative solutions that won’t break even the tightest budgets. Just tell us what you need, and the highly-qualified team led by founder Janet Teshima who will quickly outline customized responses for high-precision projects. Give us a call today at (503) 828-0040.

Latest-Generation Cleaving Tools Ensure Precision

As devices get slimmer and faster with each new launch, chip manufacturers are under pressure to produce smaller but more powerful components. With transistor density doubling every couple of years, LatticeGear is well aware that high-precision wafer cleaving tools are needed to keep pace with surging technology.

Innovative wafer cleaving tools boost accuracy

Working closely with research institutions and industrial laboratories handling steady throughflows of samples, LatticeGear’s benchtop wafer cleaving tools serve as innovative springboards for technological leaps. As an example, its Small Sample Cleaver can work securely to dice chips as tiny as 2×2 mm.

Other products include scribing and cleaving stations, as well as handheld tools. But clean cleaves depend heavily on scribing quality, and handheld equipment might not always produce a top-quality cleave. Worse still, the direction in which a cleave propagates cannot always be properly controlled.

Wide range of wafer cleaving tools ensures accuracy, every time

This is where scribing and cleaving tools designed by LatticeGear are worth their weight in gold. Its two flagship products are LatticeAx and Flipscribe. Using dry processes at room temperature, both these tools offer clean (and repeatable) wafer downsizing methods. Their advantages include:

  • more accurate results at lower costs, for faster, more efficient product development;
  • fewer damaged samples and repeated experiments, stretching tight R&D funding;
  • less particulate contamination and scrap, for cleaner samples and budget-compliant projects.

Creative solutions from LatticeGear

Streamlining sample preparation for close on a decade, LatticeGear is on the cutting edge of cleanroom-compatible scribing and cleaving tools and technologies. With a solid science background, its founder Janet Teshima is well equipped to design innovative solutions for even the trickiest scribing and cleaving requirements. Give LatticeGear a call today at (503) 828-0040, and we’ll be glad to explore innovative ways of scribing and cleaving your samples.

Only the best Scribing Tools for Cutting-Edge Projects

Accurate sample preparation needs state-of-the-art scribing and cleaving tools. By creating carefully positioned weak points in substrates and wafers, innovative LatticeGear devices ensure that delicate (and expensive!) materials split exactly where required.

What is a wafer or substrate?

In the miniaturized world of electronics, a wafer (often called a substrate or slice) is a thin piece of semiconductor material that is used to produce electronic devices. In the photovoltaics field, they are used to fabricate solar cells.

Providing the support that holds the elements of a semiconductor device in place, substrates are shaped and sized by high-precision scribing tools. The materials used for these fragile wafers often include:

  • Crystalline Silicon (c-Si), which has a massive commercial advantage, as it is around a thousand times cheaper than competitor materials like GaAs
  • Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) a technical edge over silicon, as electrons travel faster through its crystalline structure carries;
  • Glass substrates provide support, allowing safe handling of fragile semiconductor wafers that can easily rip or bend.

Is this the next semiconductor star?

Although relatively unknown, gallium nitride (GaN) might well be the compound of the future. This wide bandgap semiconductor is a focus of attention among major corporations all over the world – including LatticeGear.

Used for high-efficiency integrated circuits and power transistors, GaN is a great solution for high-power transistors that operate at high temperatures. In fact, recent studies show that GaN technology underpins designs that are far more efficient than their silicon alternatives.

Looking ahead to the future

Always on the cutting edge, LatticeGear founder Janet Teshima knows that fast, clean scribing tools are vital factors for accurate sample preparation. For close on ten years, LatticeGear has been streamlining wafer workflows while maintaining high levels of accuracy. Always thinking out of the box, the chances are high that perfect process for substrate scribing and cleaving issues can be developed. So why not check out and see what LatticeGear has to offer, at (503) 828-0040?

High-accuracy Wafer Dicing Equipment from LatticeGear Ensures Top Quality Products

During almost a decade of ground-breaking work in the semiconductor field, LatticeGear developed an innovative line of benchtop tools. Cleanroom compatible, they are designed to handle a broad range of amorphous and crystalline substrates, including:

  • Glass: thick, thin, fused quartz and tempered;
  • Sapphire: used when optical transmission is required in the ultraviolet (above 200 nm) or infrared (below 5 μm) ranges;
  • Silicon: the most common material, widely used for high-tech purposes, particularly integrated circuits;
  • Gallium Arsenide (GaAs): used to fabricate integrated circuits, laser diodes, solar cells, and infrared light-emitting diodes,
  • Indium Phosphide (InP): widely used for high-speed fiber-optic communications, with electron velocity outstripping most other semiconductors.

Innovative wafer dicing machines respond to high-tech needs

On the relatively new semiconductor market, scribing tools and wafer cleaving solutions must be flexible and open to customization, while also ensuring replicability. Bridging the gap between low-cost but inaccurate manual cleaving methods and expensive but slow automated workflows, the benchtop tools developed by LatticeGear speed up imaging and analysis procedures without breaking the bank.

When working with one-of-a-kind specimens that require special care, wafer dicing equipment designed by LatticeGear is a prudent choice. In the integrated circuit world, these functional circuits are fabricated on blocks of semiconducting materials, which are then fed into high-precision wafer dicing machines. Each wafer is diced or cut into smaller pieces (called dies), each of which contains a copy of the circuit.

More than just a niche business

Keeping pace with fast-moving semiconductor technology for almost a decade, LatticeGear stays in close touch with the world outside its labs. A certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Emerging Small Business (ESB) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE), it is well-equipped to think outside the box.

This leads to creative solutions that deploy its innovative wafer dicing equipment, scribing tools, and wafer cleaving processes that uphold high levels of precision in budget-friendly configurations. Give us a call to explore new approaches to sample processing flows: (503) 828-0040.

Picking the Best Scribing Tools for Your Project

LatticeGear founder Janet Teshima is well aware that global markets are demanding smaller, faster and cheaper devices. Right in step with this trend, she focuses on developing innovative scribing and cleaving tools that speed up sample preparation.

Innovative approach to state-of-the-art scribing tools

Scribing is a high precision technique for creating deliberate weak points in substrates. This is followed by cleaving, which causes delicate materials to break at exactly the right place.

Choosing the correct scribing tools can be nerve-wracking – which is why R&D labs and semiconductor industries regularly seek advice from LatticeGear on the best solutions for each project. Its wide range of frontside scribing tools can be adapted to many different purposes:

  • FlipScribe 100: Not all substrates are scribed on the front. In fact, clean scribe lines on the back are an effective way to cleave many front-side targets, particularly sapphire, glass and bonded wafers;
  • FlexScribe: this newly-launched scribing tool works on a wide variety of materials, from silicon wafers to sapphires, as well as III-V materials and thin, thick and tempered glass. A must-have in addition to every laboratory. Its tungsten carbide cutter always makes a straight scribe, with no need for harmful rulers;
  • LatticeScriber: the ultimate tool for hand-scribing samples, this precision scriber has a unique eight-point diamond tip;
  • Carbide cutters: general-purpose and deep tungsten carbide cutters minimize particles, compared to pointed diamond scribers, working with glass as thin as 1.5 mm, as well as silicon and other crystalline materials;
  • Laser carbide cutters: designed for cutting ultra-thin, thin, hard and quartz glass, as well as III-V materials and silicon, these tungsten carbide cutting wheels ensure deeper scoring, with a non-slip start.

 A successful cleaving and scribing tools business needs the right location.

With products designed and manufactured in Hillsboro, OR, LatticeGear is an inspiring example of successful women making their mark in the competitive hi-tech world.

Get to know LatticeGear

Set up in 2012, LatticeGear makes sample preparation easy, as its clean, dry and fast scribing tools and processes streamline sample preparation workflows. No matter how complex the problem, Janet will design the perfect solution for each specific sample. Give us a call at (503) 828-0040!

Precision Cleaving Tools Ensure the Same Results Every Time

Responding to seemingly insatiable consumer demands for smaller and more powerful devices, chip transistor density doubles every two years. Keeping pace with this drive to miniaturize components while increasing wafer size, LatticeGear specializes in state-of-the-art wafer cleaving tools and technology.

Wide range of wafer cleaving tools ensures accuracy, every time

A favored vendor accredited by industrial labs and research institutions worldwide, the LatticeGear product line includes specialized cleaving platforms, stations and hand-held tools:

  • LatticeAx series: these patented cleaving platforms (120, 225 and 420) are designed for different uses, ranging from industrial labs to cleanrooms and nanofabs, ensuring identical outcomes, day after day;
  • Cleaving stations: with or without mats, these kits include a variety of handheld scribers and cleaving pliers, as well as tweezers, rulers and tungsten cleaving wire, designed for samples ranging from whole wafers to small pieces;
  • Small sample cleaver: this innovative sample holder has a cleaving platform that can work securely with chips as small as 2×2 mm.

Always working on the cutting edge of scribing and cleaving tool technology

No matter how carefully they are prepared, manual wafer cleaving often results in sub-par samples. This is why LatticeGear founder Janet Teshima is exploring automated scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Avoiding the pitfalls undermining analyses of advanced materials, these techniques are saving time through better quality samples.

Getting expert help from LatticeGear

Since 2012, LatticeGear has been streamlining sample preparation through cutting-edge scribing and cleaving tools and processes. Experienced researchers, engineers, and technicians know that LatticeGear is the go to company when they need streamlined solutions for complex projects. Give us a call today at (503) 828-0040, and we’ll be happy to explore some innovative approaches to scribing or cleaving problems.

New Tungsten Scribers

New in 2021, LatticeGear has a line of Tungsten Carbide Cutters. These hand tools have 5” long handle and a tungsten carbide cutting wheel for creating an accurate and clean pre-cleave scribe on wafers, especially Glass or Silicon. For some material combinations, these cutters will create less damage and particle contamination than pointed tip diamond scribers. The line consists of 4 cutters and a kit:


For additional information, see our Carbide Cutter Guide.

DinoCapture Software Tips for LatticeAx 225 Users

Getting ready for online training I found some useful drawing tools I was not previously aware of. They include a cross-hair tool, cross-hair tool with reticule, and magnification calibrated measurement. Download the pdf using the link below. Let us know if you find these features useful too!

Dinolite software for 225 Users