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Tomorrow’s Miniaturized Devices Need High-Precision Scribing Tools Today

Well aware that the best scribing tools and wafer cleaving methods are steered by substrate hardness and thickness, LatticeGear founder Janet Teshima knows that cleave quality is heavily dependent on scribe angle and depth, as well as the underlying crystal structure. That’s why LatticeGear’s sample preparation solutions focus on streamlining workflows while ensuring high levels […]

Latest-Generation Cleaving Tools Ensure Precision

As devices get slimmer and faster with each new launch, chip manufacturers are under pressure to produce smaller but more powerful components. With transistor density doubling every couple of years, LatticeGear is well aware that high-precision wafer cleaving tools are needed to keep pace with surging technology. Innovative wafer cleaving tools boost accuracy Working closely […]

Only the best Scribing Tools for Cutting-Edge Projects

Accurate sample preparation needs state-of-the-art scribing and cleaving tools. By creating carefully positioned weak points in substrates and wafers, innovative LatticeGear devices ensure that delicate (and expensive!) materials split exactly where required. What is a wafer or substrate? In the miniaturized world of electronics, a wafer (often called a substrate or slice) is a thin […]

High-accuracy Wafer Dicing Equipment from LatticeGear Ensures Top Quality Products

During almost a decade of ground-breaking work in the semiconductor field, LatticeGear developed an innovative line of benchtop tools. Cleanroom compatible, they are designed to handle a broad range of amorphous and crystalline substrates, including: Glass: thick, thin, fused quartz and tempered; Sapphire: used when optical transmission is required in the ultraviolet (above 200 nm) […]