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How To Get The Best Wafer Dicing Equipment?

Four Types Of Wafer Dicing Equipment at LatticeGear

Are you in research and development (R&D) and hoping to get a small batch of die quickly? Then you need a clean, accurate, reputable, and fast tool; you need a benchtop tool.

We begin this article with a discussion of the types of wafer dicing equipment available at LatticeGear. We then move on to a brief description of two wafer cleaving tools. Finally, we give you three reasons why you need a scribing tool.

Types Of Wafer Dicing Equipment At LatticeGear

  • FlexScribe: This lets you downsize wafers quickly by scribing on the topside. It always makes a straight scribe and can be used to scribe a wide range of materials.
  • FlipScribe: FlipScribe is a compact, accurate, fast, and low-cost scribing and cleaving tool suitable for any lab. It scribes without any touch to the top of the sample.
  • LatticeAx: This cleaving tool works without excessive constraints in terms of sample dimensions and type, yields high-quality results, and is cost-effective. The LatticeAx 420 delivers a cleaving accuracy of 10-μm in under 5 minutes, making it perfect for labs that value speed and high accuracy while also needing to accommodate different sample sizes, thicknesses, and materials.
  • Carbide Cutter Cleaving Kit: The carbide cutter creates a clean scribe line with fewer particles in comparison to pointed diamond scribe. Allows substrate to split cleanly.

Find A Wafer Cleaving Tool

  • CleanBreak Pliers: These are for cleaving samples, post scribe, from whole wafers down to 20 mm pieces. The pliers come in two styles of jaws to cleave a wide variety of substances.
  • Small Sample Cleaving Pliers: The Small Sample Cleaving Pliers are unique and can cleave samples below 30 mm into smaller pieces.

Why Do You Need A Scribing Tool?

  • When you use a scribing tool, less physical cutting is required.
  • Using a scribing tool results in more clearance and less damage to the wafer.
  • A scribing tool makes it easier to achieve an accurate cleave.

Why choose LatticeGear?

At LatticeGear, we believe that sample preparation by cleaving and scribing should be easy, fast, and without the aid of expensive automated tools. Call us now at 503-828-0040 for the best wafer dicing equipment.

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