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Choose Modern Wafer Dicing Equipment to Guarantee Convenience, Precision and Accuracy

LatticeGear gear has become the leading name in the wafer dicing industry with our novel and fresh approach to developing our own benchtop tools. Suitable for any laboratory or cleanroom, these tools are a far cry from it’s previous counterparts which consisted of large, expensive and cumbersome pieces of machinery.

Take advantage of the latest in wafer dicing machinery

If you’re looking for the most advanced technology in wafer dicing equipment then you’ve come to the right place. LatticeGear has developed a wide range of tools that will guarantee you the most powerful and precise cuts. The experts at LatticeGear fully understand that scribe angle, depth and the crystalline structure of the material play a major role in the accuracy of the cleave.

Scribing tools and wafer cleaving technology for premium precision at budget friendly prices

Are you looking for high quality, reliable and affordable scribing tools that won’t let you down when you need them the most? At LatticeGear we understand the importance of precision when it comes to creating specialized hardware, or scientific equipment. Choose from our wide range of scribing tools including Flexscribe, LatticeScriber and Carbide Cutters for quality you can trust. These tools are simple to use while guaranteeing you excellent results every time.

Why choose LatticeGear for your wafer dicing equipment, scribing tool and wafer cleaving?

LatticeGear had been in operation since its booming beginnings in 2012. The brilliant minds behind the business recognized a gap in the market that needed to be filled. No longer did scientists and researchers have to choose between manual hand operated tools or large expensive pieces of equipment to carry out their operations. Call the friendly team at LatticeGear on 503-828-0040 for all your queries and to book an appointment to find your perfect wafer cleaving and wafer dicing equipment today.

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