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Tomorrow’s Miniaturized Devices Need High-Precision Scribing Tools Today

Well aware that the best scribing tools and wafer cleaving methods are steered by substrate hardness and thickness, LatticeGear founder Janet Teshima knows that cleave quality is heavily dependent on scribe angle and depth, as well as the underlying crystal structure.

That’s why LatticeGear’s sample preparation solutions focus on streamlining workflows while ensuring high levels of accuracy, particularly for unique samples where the risk of destruction is unacceptable.

Affordable scribing tools streamline accurate wafer cleaving and dicing processes

Prompted by the concept that preparing samples through scribing tools and wafer cleaving should be dry and clean, LatticeGear developed cost-effective technologies (like scribing and cleaving tools) that ensure fast and easy scribing and cleaving processes with no need for massive investments in specialized equipment.

Its flagship tools are:

  • LatticeAx series (120, 225 and 420): designed mainly for use in cleanrooms and nanofabs, these patented cleaving platforms ensure accurate, repeatable results;
  • FlipScribe 100: scribing on the back of a substrate is an effective scribing option, particularly for glass, sapphire and bonded wafers;
  • FlexScribe: designed for a variety of materials ranging from sapphire to silicon, this tungsten carbide cutter can also handle glass and III-V compounds;
  • LatticeScriber: its unique eight-point diamond tip ensures high accuracy for hand-scribed projects.

Special attention to one of a kind samples

Particularly when working with irregular or very small wafers, researchers, engineers and technicians need high precision and repeatable processes. Usually subject to tight schedules, speedy processing and rapid throughput are added advantages, but with no loss of accuracy or sample quality.

Creative solutions from LatticeGear

No matter how complex your project, LatticeGear can weave state-of-the-art cleaving and scribing tools into creative solutions that won’t break even the tightest budgets. Just tell us what you need, and the highly-qualified team led by founder Janet Teshima who will quickly outline customized responses for high-precision projects. Give us a call today at (503) 828-0040.

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