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High-accuracy Wafer Dicing Equipment from LatticeGear Ensures Top Quality Products

During almost a decade of ground-breaking work in the semiconductor field, LatticeGear developed an innovative line of benchtop tools. Cleanroom compatible, they are designed to handle a broad range of amorphous and crystalline substrates, including:

  • Glass: thick, thin, fused quartz and tempered;
  • Sapphire: used when optical transmission is required in the ultraviolet (above 200 nm) or infrared (below 5 μm) ranges;
  • Silicon: the most common material, widely used for high-tech purposes, particularly integrated circuits;
  • Gallium Arsenide (GaAs): used to fabricate integrated circuits, laser diodes, solar cells, and infrared light-emitting diodes,
  • Indium Phosphide (InP): widely used for high-speed fiber-optic communications, with electron velocity outstripping most other semiconductors.

Innovative wafer dicing machines respond to high-tech needs

On the relatively new semiconductor market, scribing tools and wafer cleaving solutions must be flexible and open to customization, while also ensuring replicability. Bridging the gap between low-cost but inaccurate manual cleaving methods and expensive but slow automated workflows, the benchtop tools developed by LatticeGear speed up imaging and analysis procedures without breaking the bank.

When working with one-of-a-kind specimens that require special care, wafer dicing equipment designed by LatticeGear is a prudent choice. In the integrated circuit world, these functional circuits are fabricated on blocks of semiconducting materials, which are then fed into high-precision wafer dicing machines. Each wafer is diced or cut into smaller pieces (called dies), each of which contains a copy of the circuit.

More than just a niche business

Keeping pace with fast-moving semiconductor technology for almost a decade, LatticeGear stays in close touch with the world outside its labs. A certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Emerging Small Business (ESB) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE), it is well-equipped to think outside the box.

This leads to creative solutions that deploy its innovative wafer dicing equipment, scribing tools, and wafer cleaving processes that uphold high levels of precision in budget-friendly configurations. Give us a call to explore new approaches to sample processing flows: (503) 828-0040.

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