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Only the best Scribing Tools for Cutting-Edge Projects

Accurate sample preparation needs state-of-the-art scribing and cleaving tools. By creating carefully positioned weak points in substrates and wafers, innovative LatticeGear devices ensure that delicate (and expensive!) materials split exactly where required.

What is a wafer or substrate?

In the miniaturized world of electronics, a wafer (often called a substrate or slice) is a thin piece of semiconductor material that is used to produce electronic devices. In the photovoltaics field, they are used to fabricate solar cells.

Providing the support that holds the elements of a semiconductor device in place, substrates are shaped and sized by high-precision scribing tools. The materials used for these fragile wafers often include:

  • Crystalline Silicon (c-Si), which has a massive commercial advantage, as it is around a thousand times cheaper than competitor materials like GaAs
  • Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) a technical edge over silicon, as electrons travel faster through its crystalline structure carries;
  • Glass substrates provide support, allowing safe handling of fragile semiconductor wafers that can easily rip or bend.

Is this the next semiconductor star?

Although relatively unknown, gallium nitride (GaN) might well be the compound of the future. This wide bandgap semiconductor is a focus of attention among major corporations all over the world – including LatticeGear.

Used for high-efficiency integrated circuits and power transistors, GaN is a great solution for high-power transistors that operate at high temperatures. In fact, recent studies show that GaN technology underpins designs that are far more efficient than their silicon alternatives.

Looking ahead to the future

Always on the cutting edge, LatticeGear founder Janet Teshima knows that fast, clean scribing tools are vital factors for accurate sample preparation. For close on ten years, LatticeGear has been streamlining wafer workflows while maintaining high levels of accuracy. Always thinking out of the box, the chances are high that perfect process for substrate scribing and cleaving issues can be developed. So why not check out and see what LatticeGear has to offer, at (503) 828-0040?

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