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Precision Cleaving Tools Ensure the Same Results Every Time

Responding to seemingly insatiable consumer demands for smaller and more powerful devices, chip transistor density doubles every two years. Keeping pace with this drive to miniaturize components while increasing wafer size, LatticeGear specializes in state-of-the-art wafer cleaving tools and technology.

Wide range of wafer cleaving tools ensures accuracy, every time

A favored vendor accredited by industrial labs and research institutions worldwide, the LatticeGear product line includes specialized cleaving platforms, stations and hand-held tools:

  • LatticeAx series: these patented cleaving platforms (120, 225 and 420) are designed for different uses, ranging from industrial labs to cleanrooms and nanofabs, ensuring identical outcomes, day after day;
  • Cleaving stations: with or without mats, these kits include a variety of handheld scribers and cleaving pliers, as well as tweezers, rulers and tungsten cleaving wire, designed for samples ranging from whole wafers to small pieces;
  • Small sample cleaver: this innovative sample holder has a cleaving platform that can work securely with chips as small as 2×2 mm.

Always working on the cutting edge of scribing and cleaving tool technology

No matter how carefully they are prepared, manual wafer cleaving often results in sub-par samples. This is why LatticeGear founder Janet Teshima is exploring automated scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Avoiding the pitfalls undermining analyses of advanced materials, these techniques are saving time through better quality samples.

Getting expert help from LatticeGear

Since 2012, LatticeGear has been streamlining sample preparation through cutting-edge scribing and cleaving tools and processes. Experienced researchers, engineers, and technicians know that LatticeGear is the go to company when they need streamlined solutions for complex projects. Give us a call today at (503) 828-0040, and we’ll be happy to explore some innovative approaches to scribing or cleaving problems.

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