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Picking the Best Scribing Tools for Your Project

LatticeGear founder Janet Teshima is well aware that global markets are demanding smaller, faster and cheaper devices. Right in step with this trend, she focuses on developing innovative scribing and cleaving tools that speed up sample preparation.

Innovative approach to state-of-the-art scribing tools

Scribing is a high precision technique for creating deliberate weak points in substrates. This is followed by cleaving, which causes delicate materials to break at exactly the right place.

Choosing the correct scribing tools can be nerve-wracking – which is why R&D labs and semiconductor industries regularly seek advice from LatticeGear on the best solutions for each project. Its wide range of frontside scribing tools can be adapted to many different purposes:

  • FlipScribe 100: Not all substrates are scribed on the front. In fact, clean scribe lines on the back are an effective way to cleave many front-side targets, particularly sapphire, glass and bonded wafers;
  • FlexScribe: this newly-launched scribing tool works on a wide variety of materials, from silicon wafers to sapphires, as well as III-V materials and thin, thick and tempered glass. A must-have in addition to every laboratory. Its tungsten carbide cutter always makes a straight scribe, with no need for harmful rulers;
  • LatticeScriber: the ultimate tool for hand-scribing samples, this precision scriber has a unique eight-point diamond tip;
  • Carbide cutters: general-purpose and deep tungsten carbide cutters minimize particles, compared to pointed diamond scribers, working with glass as thin as 1.5 mm, as well as silicon and other crystalline materials;
  • Laser carbide cutters: designed for cutting ultra-thin, thin, hard and quartz glass, as well as III-V materials and silicon, these tungsten carbide cutting wheels ensure deeper scoring, with a non-slip start.

 A successful cleaving and scribing tools business needs the right location.

With products designed and manufactured in Hillsboro, OR, LatticeGear is an inspiring example of successful women making their mark in the competitive hi-tech world.

Get to know LatticeGear

Set up in 2012, LatticeGear makes sample preparation easy, as its clean, dry and fast scribing tools and processes streamline sample preparation workflows. No matter how complex the problem, Janet will design the perfect solution for each specific sample. Give us a call at (503) 828-0040!

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