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Downsizing Tempered Glass

Downsizing Tempered Glass

Downsizing tempered glass has seemed an impossible task using standard tungsten carbide (TC) or diamond scribing tools. Handheld and more sophisticated bench top scribing tools performed poorly, the glass splintering into pieces during the scribing process.

In searching for solutions to downsize tempered glass, we found that poly-crystalline diamond cutters can be used to cut large plates of glass for various products including LCD and glass covers for mobile devices. LatticeGear developed a bench top scriber (FlexScribe) optimized for cutting tempered glass using a similar cutting approach. This makes quality control and failure analysis of these materials possible in any laboratory without the need for lasers or dicing saws.

FlexScribe Station from LatticeGear
Cutting with a standard tungsten carbide scribing wheel resulted in a splintered sample.
A new approach using the FlexScribe customized for cutting tempered glass yielded clean samples about 1cm square.
Cleaved edge of Corning Gorilla glass shos mirror a finish image edge.

With the right tool, downsizing is simple with high success rates.

  • The glass protection screen was downsized into 4 pieces.
  • One piece was separated and the tacky protective layer removed from the backside.
  • Downsizing into 6 pieces was simple using the ruled mat of the FlexScribe to determine the scribe locations.
  • The process safely produces a clean edge.
Glass protection screen- 9H hardness cut into quarters
Folded Glass protection screen after cutting