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How To Make A Scribing Tool: Step By Step?

If you’re in the mood for trying out an easy DIY project, you’ll find here five simple steps to help you make a scribing tool. You can make your tool for basic home tasks. If you need to accomplish more serious tasks, get a scribing tool from Lattice Gear or get us to make one just for you.

This piece starts by showing you how to make a scribing tool at home. Next, it looks at what you can do with the scribing tool after making it. It then wraps up with some benefits of a wafer cleaving tool.

How To Make A Scribing Tool At Home

To make a simple scribing tool at home, follow these steps;

  • Get a mechanical pencil and take out the refill lead.
  • After that, remove the back cap.
  • Then get a needle. If it has a plastic protective cover at the back, cut off that part.
  • Drop the needle in from the open back of the pencil.
  • Pop the back cap back in place and click on it. Your basic scribing tool is all set.

What Can You Use A Scribing Tool For?

  • A scribing tool helps you hand scribe a wafer.
  • It enables you to make fine marks and scribes on the wafer surface.
  • A Scribing tool makes it easier to achieve an accurate cleave.
  • It creates weak points in the sample.

What Are The Benefits Of A Wafer Cleaving Tool?

  • A wafer cleaving tool, like a plier, provides symmetrical force when breaking the substrate.
  • It lets you achieve clean and safe breaks of a variety of materials.
  • With a wafer cleaving tool, you can split samples into tiny chips.

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If you’re dreaming of making your very own scribing tool, you can make a simple tool at home. However, if you need a scribing tool to accomplish professional tasks, reach out to Lattice Gear. We’ve got the know-how and experience to enable you to make the perfect scribing tool. Call us now at 503-828-0040.

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