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Do You Need a Plastic Scribing Tool?

Four Reasons Why You Require a Plastic Scribing Tool

If you create plastic models, build Mini 4WD bodies, or some other related plastic-dominated activity, you simply cannot do without a plastic scribing tool.

FInd out why you need a plastic scribing tool, while learning how to dice samples with a wafer cleaving tool. Want to know more on tips about choosing the ideal scribing tool for your business? Then read on!

Why Do You Need A Plastic Scribing Tool?

  • A plastic scribing tool is perfect for adding detail to plastic scale models.
  • It will enable you to cut thick plastic boards.
  • A plastic scribing tool is ideal for scribing laminated plastics.
  • Easily scribe plastic model kits with a plastic scriber from Lattice Gear.

How To Dice With A Wafer Cleaving Tool

Dicing with a cleaving tool involves two steps;

  • First, you make a weak point on the edge of the sample. Without the weak point, it’s difficult to split the sample in two. The accuracy and quality of the cleave depend on the weak point creation.
  • Next is the actual cleaving. You do this by creating stress on the weak point. The cleaving then begins and goes all the way across the sample.

How Do You Choose The Best Scribing Tool For Your Business?

At LatticeGear, we have different scribing tools you can choose from, depending on your needs.

  • FlipScribe 100 lets you cleave front side targets using clean scribe lines on the back. It is perfect for glass, bonded wafers, and other substrates.
  • FlexScribe is fast and easy to use. It is ideal for scribing thin and thick glass, as well as silicon wafers.
  • Laser Carbide Cutter makes deep scoring easier and more fun. It is also a good tool for scribing silicon wafers, thin glass, and thick glass.
  • General Purpose Carbide Cutters are ideal for scribing crystalline materials like glass and silicon. They cut thin glass 0.3-1.5 mm and hard glass 0.3-6mm.

Choose Lattice Gear today!

LatticeGear is the place to get a top-quality scribing tool. We develop tools to provide solutions that help technicians, engineers, and researchers enhance their sample preparation workflows. Call us now at 503-828-0040.

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