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LatticeGear Scribing and Cleaving Portfolio to Support Wafer and Sample Preparation of Photonic Materials at MIT

MIT’s Jaramillo group is integrating LatticeGear solutions into their wafer/sample preparation workflow for controlled, damage-free wafer downsizing that is critical to their device fabrication process.

LatticeGear cleaving portfolio in supports photonic research
Jaramillo group at MIT uses LatticeGear cleaving portfolio in support of photonic research

Hillsboro, OR; October 15, 2019.  The Jaramillo Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has adopted LatticeGear’s complete scribing and cleaving tool portfolio in support of their research on photonic devices. LatticeGear solutions were chosen for their ability to deliver precisely-placed, mirror-finish cleaved edges, wafer downsizing and experiments in photonic properties—without generating particles or damaging the surface. The complete suite of tools – patented LatticeAx® and FlipScribe®, plus FlexScribe and Small Sample Cleaver – were recently installed at MIT.

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Akshay Singh, Jaramillo Research Group Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Jaramillo Lab (DMSE)

Efrat Moyal, LatticeGear LLC


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